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The ZippBike Food & Beverage Delivery App is here! Download the Android or iOS app by clicking the appropriate icon below.


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ZippBike is wholly owned and operated by a group of Thai and long term expat businesspeople committed to offering our restaurant partners and our customers alike the best possible app based food and beverage delivery platform possible.

At Zippbike, we all come to work and brainstorm every day, because we want to solve the biggest problems in the Food & Beverage delivery industry. Through years of experience as consumers, we asked the question to ourselves, why the current delivery companies can’t fulfill their orders in time, don’t provide a world class application and a customer oriented service.

We made it our mission, to deliver your Food and Beverages within a time frame of 1 hour, with the best and carefree service possible. From Cash free transactions, to tracking of our drivers, and a customer service that cares for you.

Application allows customer to select customization for food items being added in order. Customers can apply participating restaurants coupon codes for discounts and great offers.

The application allows payment with Credit Card, Debit Card and Cash on Delivery. Once the order has been placed, you can check the order status, and past orders under Order History as well.

Delivery Zone for ZippBike Food

ZippBike Food App Delivery Zone

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