Why Restaurants Choose ZippBike for Food Delivery

Why Choose ZippBike for Your Food Delivery Business?

Thailand has no shortage of food-delivery companies and apps but ZippBike is different in that we are here to help you grow your business, not compete with you or eat up all your profits with excessive commissions and hidden fees.

Here are 10 simple reasons ZippBike is the best choice for your delivery business:

  1. ZippBike gives restaurants the lowest commission rates in the industry, while also offering customers the lowest delivery fees. We don’t offer “free delivery” to customers and pass on the charges to restaurants with high commissions and additional service charges.
  2. ZippBike offers the industry’s most payment options for customers and does not pass on processing fees to our restaurant partners.  
  3. ZippBike drivers work exclusively for us. We don’t allow drivers to cancel orders or pass them on to other drivers. ZippBike guarantees orders are never canceled once our restaurant partners have accepted the order.
  4. ZippBike never sells a restaurant’s food for less than the menu price. Ever. Our goal is to not only help you to sell your food online, but drive customers to your restaurant(s) by giving you the ability to use the ZippBike platform to market to your customers, announce new products, events and activities.
  5. We don’t discount your food to create ZippBike promotions. All our promotions are built around value-added products and services, such as hotel stays, tour agency promotions and winery tours. This means we can offer discounts and free products to businesses other than just our restaurant partners.
  6. ZippBike limits the number of restaurants in each cuisine category, ensuring more people see your menu. Too many choices in each category dilutes the market.
  7. ZippBike offers the most extensive beverage selection in the industry and standardizes it across all our restaurant partners’ pages to ensure availability for customers at no additional cost to restaurants.
  8. ZippBike is the only delivery service that lets you lower your commission rates when you help promote your business. And we offer full marketing support services for restaurants that need it.
  9. ZippBike is 100% locally owned-and-operated so every baht spent with ZippBike stays in Thailand.
  10. ZippBike will not open a company owned “cloud kitchen” that directly competes with any of our restaurant partners. Your best-selling menu items remain yours and aren’t ZippBike’s next business opportunity.

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